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The 20/20 myth

Did you know that 20/20 does not necessarily mean that your vision is excellent. How can someone have 20/20 sight yet still have a vision problem?

20/20 gives a measurement of a person's ability to read a certain sized letter at a certain distance for the short period of time it takes to read that letter.

more about the 20/20 myth...


Our Optometrist

Dr. Brent W. Neufeld, OD

Dr. Brent Neufeld graduated from the University of
Waterloo School of Optometry in 1997. In 2003, he
opened his own optometric practice, Eye Gallery, where he
offered optometric vision therapy treatment. Dr Neufeld has a passion for remediating visual coordination and visual processing difficulties through optometric vision therapy. Seeing the changes (success stories) seen in his patient's lives continues to fuel this passion. He dedicates hours each year to continue to learn more in how he can best help you or your child achieve his/her potential. Seeing the
increasing need for vision training services, he founded
Calgary Vision Therapy in 2010. Calgary Vision Therapy is
Alberta's first vision therapy only practice. We are here to
help you achieve your potential. Calgary Vision Therapy is also becoming a learning center where seminars are hosted on variety of optometric evaluation and treatment subjects. Dr. Neufeld resides in Calgary with his wife Marla and two young daughters.