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When vision is working well it will lead and guide your actions

The 20/20 myth

Did you know that 20/20 does not necessarily mean that your vision is excellent. How can someone have 20/20 sight yet still have a vision problem?

20/20 gives a measurement of a person's ability to read a certain sized letter at a certain distance for the short period of time it takes to read that letter.

more about the 20/20 myth...


How To Refer

For Parents:

If you are going for your annual eye health and visual evaluation with your family optometrist, ask your family optometrist for a referral. If your child is experiencing learning difficulties or attention difficulties, let your family optometrist know about these problems. Remember that 20/20 does not automatically mean that your child's visual skills are working efficiently. Likewise 20/20 does not mean that visual processing or visual coordination or visual attention is sufficient to meet your child's task requirements.

If you have had a recent eye examination and were not referred to our office, you can contact our office directly (T: 403-242-1800) to book your appropriate evaluation appointment. Read our Vision Therapy newsletter for Parents.

For Teachers / Schools / Psychologists:

Are your classroom sizes too large? Do you want to help your students who are struggling and having learning difficulties but do not have the time or resources to do so? Are you trying to help a struggling student but you seem to have hit a wall? Vision (not just 20/20 sight) can be a major factor and roadblock contributing to your student's difficulty.

All children who have had indepth testing performed by a psychologist with testing results suggesting a visual processing difficulty should be referred to Calgary Vision Therapy office for in depth visual information processing testing. All children who have been or are going to be placed on an IPP program should be referred to Calgary Vision Therapy office for in depth visual information processing testing. Remember regular basic eye examinations do not check these visual skills that, when inefficient, can create roadblocks in an individuals ability to learn, comprehend and achieve his/her potential.

Recommend the family visit this website for more information on vision therapy. Encourage them to contact our office
(T: 403-242-1800) to book an appropriate evaluation. We are here to help your students achieve their potential and, in doing so, allow you to be more effective in your teaching. Read our Vision Therapy Newsletter for Teachers / Psychologist.

For Optometrists:

Fax our Calgary Vision Therapy Referral Form to Dr. Brent Neufeld at Calgary Vision Therapy @ 403-242-3833 or create your own referral letter.

For Pediatricians / Family Physicians:

How often do you have a family seeing you for your care and during the evaluation they bring up concerns about their child's learning difficulties. They have already had their eyes checked and were told that they were 20/20. They have ruled out vision, right? No, there has been the suggestion that sight is adequate for academic success; however, inefficient visual skills (not just 20/20 sight) can contribute a significant amount towards their difficulties. part of these Recommend the family visit this website for more information on vision therapy. See signs of visual information processing problems. Encourage the family to contact our office
(T: 403-242-1800) to book an appropriate evaluation or fax a referral to our office (F: 403-242-3833. We are here to help your patients achieve their potential and to help you find the necessary resources to help your patients succeed. Read our Vision Therapy Newsletter for Pediatricians / Family Physicians.

For Occupational Therapists:

Have you found or suspect a visual dysfunction in one of your clients? Have you achieved success in your therapy but then hit a hard plateau which may have a visual cause or influence? Either have the patient / family contact our office (T: 403-242-1800) so we can book the appropriate evaluation appointment OR fax a referral letter to our office (F: 403-242-3833). If you have performed some additional testing such as the Beery VMI or TVPS3, faxing your report with your observations / findings would be useful. Read our vision therapy newsletter.