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Improvements In Reading


Michael 9 year old male

Michael has made great advancements academically this year in which I know a large part is attributed to eye therapy.  Michael began the year repeating grade 2.  In September, Michael was evaluated as reading at a grade 1 level.  By approximately the January time frame, Michael had improved an entire grade level in reading.  At the end of May, Michael was reassessed again (at the school) and was reading at the appropriate grade level of end of grade 3, moving into grade 4… I am absolutely convinces eye therapy has contributed to his success.  Moving from a grade 1 to a grade 5 level in reading is incredible and I could not be more thrilled!

Claire 9 year old female

The thing we noticed the most was her improvement in reading.  Before eye therapy, Claire would not read books on her own and recently she became interested in reading “The Box Car Children” which is a chapter book.  For the first time ever Claire seemed to be interested in reading a book on her own.  This indeed is a milestone and she thinks the eye therapy has helped her in this endeavour.  I have also noticed her oral reading improve --  it is smoother and she seems to enjoy it more.

Leigh 15 year old female

I think my reading has improved.  I don’t have headaches that much.  I can keep my place when I am reading.

Rachel 9 year old female

Our 9 year old is 6 months through eye therapy.  Just in the last two weeks, we’re noticing an improvement in her reading.  She’s recognizing words she’s newly learned much more easily and her reading is more fluid.  Though her eyes are occasionally dropping down a line while reading, this is less frequent.  Her spelling is also beginning to improve at school.

Brooke 10 year old female

Brooke is more interested in reading.  Her level of reading has improved, so this has resulted in an increase in her self confidence.  At the end of her school year her speed at multiplication, addition and subtraction has increased.  Brooke is also speaking up more letting those around her know how she feels.  She is very excited for a new year in grade 6.

Chase 10 year old male

Toward the end of grade 2 she (Chase’s teacher) still thought he was having eye trouble so she recommended Dr. Neufeld… His grade 3 teacher thought his eyes were fine and he was just struggling with his writing and most subjects.  Chase had the worst year.  He kind of just gave up.  Then we started vision therapy and grade 4… She (his grade 4 teacher) thought his vision therapy has helped.  His hand writing has become readable and his marks have gone from Chase’s & D’s to A’s & B’s.  Chase has had a great year at school.  We feel the vision therapy has helped a great deal.  He also has had a great soccer season with the most goals on his team.  His coordination has improved also.

Jamie 8 year old male

Overall Jamie has experienced gradual but significant progress throughout his course of vision therapy.  He has found it quite a bit of work but has been encouraged to find that things like copying things from the board at school and reading longer passages from books or texts has become much easier… Jamie’s teacher has confirmed that he no longer experiences headaches or pain/irritation in his eyes during the school day which is great!...We’re most thankful that Jamie has had this opportunity to do vision therapy and improve his eyesight and vision processing before it became more problematic.

Gabby 9 year old female

I love vision therapy. I learn a lot and have a lot of fun. I feel I have improved my reading. I used to think writing was hard and now I like it. My b and D are getting better too.

Wallace 10 year old male

Victoria 8 year old female

Better at determining left and right than at the start of visual training. Improved discernment of letters. B's and D's still a problem but other reversals are less of an issue. Numbers are rarely reversed.

Becoming better at determining b's and d's.

Reading has become easier.

Matthew 8 year old male

Reading is not the same struggle it used to be and he often has several books on the go at the same time.

James 12 year old male

James' reading is definitely improving and as a result so is his attitude towards reading and school. He is doing better and when the connection is pointed out he is happier with himself and he sees that his hard work has made himself better. I've also told him I'm very proud of his work and this also makes him want to improve even more. Thank you.

Brooke 9 year old female

Brooke's reading has definitely improved... The morning therapy session has definitely helped Brooke achieve greater success.

K.M. 9 yo female (12 weeks into vision therapy)

K feels that her reading and writing have improved.  When she is focused her reading is more fluent and she skips less words when reading.  Her printing has become more legible and she is more willing to write.