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Increased Confidence in Physical Activities


Erin 7 year old female

It was obvious to us that Erin was not achieving the way expected although we knew her language skills were excellent.  When we met with her teacher in late September we all agreed that something wasn’t working for her and our suspicions were around the vision area.  She had had her eyes checked by an optometrist every year since she was two.  For the next six months we worked every night to learn the work covered during the day… she was starting to show signs of increasing frustration as she realized how easily things were coming for her classmates.  She had another vision test by her optometrist who noted that convergence and tracking were an issue for her.  She was recommended to see Dr. Neufeld, a developmental optometrist, for a vision related learning difficulty screening.  Educational testing at school placed her in the high level of language skills that should have translated to a high level of achievement in reading.  Erin had her screening test and several vision areas were deemed as severe issues and a vision therapy program was recommended.

Within three weeks her attitude and desire to read increased.  As she followed the program, significant gains were made in her ability to have her eyes work together and she learned what she should be seeing.  Until this time she thought that everyone saw blurred text as they read!  Her eyes could not remain focused on the print for more than one or two short sentences.  Erin continued to make excellent progress as she learned to control her vision.  Reading became a pleasure and her confidence in reading grew dramatically.  Her spelling and written expression also increased.  It was requiring considerably less effort to read accurately.  Erin started to spontaneously play physical activities such as hitting a ball repeatedly against the stairs in the house and catching it.  Her desire to try new physical activities increased, as did her taking risks in such things as bike riding.  By February (6 months after starting vision therapy), she was participating in rock climbing and demonstrating little fear in climbing high.  Previously she had had a fear of heights and had been quite timid in physical pursuits.

Her academics continued to improve with less effort.  She was also a lot less tired after school than previously.

I credit vision therapy with her increased academics and confidence in pursuing a wide range of physical activities.  Because of this program Erin has made significant long-term gains in a wide variety of pursuits.  I cannot imagine any other program with such global gains.  It was well worth the four hour round trip every in-office session.

Dr. Neufeld – we thank you so very much.  We know that without this program Erin would be falling way behind her classmates in school and experiencing a great deal of frustration.  We now see her as a confident and skilled reader and enthusiastic participant in physical activities.

Vivian 8 year old female

She is more confident to explore new places on her own where she was afraid before. She's more confident on the stairs and playgrounds. She's not tripping over her feet as much as she used to.