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Recommended for individuals diagnosed with ADD or ADHD

Gage 8 year old male

This program has been life changing for Gage.  We would recommend vision therapy to anyone who is diagnosed with ADD or having difficulty reading.

Gage had extreme difficulty reading.  In grade 3, he was still at a kindergarten reading level despite reading everyday with homework.  After about 3 months of therapy we started to notice a difference at home with reading.  He began to enjoy reading on his own.  Gage has always been very good about doing vision therapy in the evenings after dinner.  Dr Neufeld made his weekly sessions fun and clearly explained the homework for us to follow.  In school they are reading “Charlottes Web” and Gage reads a few pages to me before bed.  Only 9 months ago, reading was a struggle.  Now he is reading his first novel.  This is exciting for our entire family.

Orren 7 year old male

Vision Therapy has made a huge difference for Orren. When he was first diagnosed we were at a point where he was refusing to do his schoolwork and getting him to read was a terrible struggle. Orren found reading and schoolwork exhausting and frustrating and avoided doing it at all costs. Throughout the program we have all seen Orren blossom. His reading and writing abilities have improved to the point where his teachers say he seems like a new kid. But even beyond that, his confidence and enthusiasm have grown so much. If we asked Orren to choose a book last year, he would pick a baby book with only a few words. Now he is choosing and reading chapter books. His coordination has also improved greatly. When first diagnosed, the initial assessment for Orren indicated he might have ADHD. Neither his teachers nor his family agreed with that assessment. Dr. Neufeld assured us that the types of visual difficulties Orren has often manifest witht he same behaviors you see in ADHD. We are really grateful to Dr. Neufeld and his team. 6 months of this program have ensured that Orren got the help he needs to achieve his potential and avoided beign misdiagnosed with ADHD.

William 7 year old male

There are very noticeable improvements in William's life. He now enjoys reading and is very confident with hiimself in school and many other aspects of his life. Sports and physical activities seem easier and less frustrating... we just received his final report card and huge improvements were made... where he was behind approximately 1 - 1.5 years he is now meeting expectations.

The medications that William was on, started to negatively affect his moods and behavior. One month after we began vision therapy, we decided to stop this medication and William's teacher noticed better behavior and continued advancements in curriculum.