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Improved concentration

Jordan 10 year old male

Jordan has progressed tremendously in grade 4, evident from his excellent marks on report cards and teacher feedback.  The issues of attention and concentration have been addressed.  I believe with an easier way Jordan now uses his eyes to interpret what he sees when it comes to motor skills, especially hand writing and printing legibly, Jordan can excel at this with concentration and taking his time.  School work has lost the frustration it had in grade 3.

Brooke 10 year old female

Brooke’s reading has improved a lot.  She reads for fun (wants to read).  There are less reading mistakes and she realizes when she has made a mistake.  Her math has also improved.  Her ringette improved.  She went from goalie to defence to forward.  Once she was a forward she is starting scoring goals.  Her printing and spelling has improved also.

Noah 9 year old male

He has had a huge improvement with his reading and concentration.