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Easier copying from the board

Jamie 8 year old male

Overall Jamie has experienced gradual but significant progress throughout his course of vision therapy.  He has found it quite a bit of work but has been encouraged to find that things like copying things from the board at school and reading longer passages from books or texts has become much easier… Jamie’s teacher has confirmed that he no longer experiences headaches or pain/irritation in his eyes during the school day which is great!...We’re most thankful that Jamie has had this opportunity to do vision therapy and improve his eyesight and vision processing before it became more problematic.

Orren 7 year old male

Orren's work with vision therapy has had a noticeable impact in his reading. His ability to track the page and read the words has improved greatly along with copying things from the board at school. He seems less tired when reading and able to concentrate for longer. His confidence and self esteem have also been positively impacted.