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Improvement in Confidence


Brooke 10 year old female

Brooke’s reading has improved a lot.  She reads for fun (wants to read).  There are less reading mistakes and she realizes when she has made a mistake.  Her math has also improved.  Her ringette improved.  She went from goalie to defence to forward.  Once she was a forward she is starting scoring goals.  Her printing and spelling has improved also.

Ben 10 year old male

Ben can see farther without his glasses on. It makes him feel more confident in sports. Before it was ard to see small things far away but it is getting easier. Better vision has helped Ben notice the details of objects better. Overall Ben feels he can see farther than before which makes many daily acctivities easier (i.e. spotting a friend on teh park). Overall we believe his eyes are getting stronger. Thanks Nicole and Dr. Neufeld for all your hard work and help.

Orren 7 year old male

Vision Therapy has made a huge difference for Orren. When he was first diagnosed we were at a point where he was refusing to do his schoolwork and getting him to read was a terrible struggle. Orren found reading and schoolwork exhausting and frustrating and avoided doing it at all costs. Throughout the program we have all seen Orren blossom. His reading and writing abilities have improved to the point where his teachers say he seems like a new kid. But even beyond that, his confidence and enthusiasm have grown so much. If we asked Orren to choose a book last year, he would pick a baby book with only a few words. Now he is choosing and reading chapter books. His coordination has also improved greatly. When first diagnosed, the initial assessment for Orren indicated he might have ADHD. Neither his teachers nor his family agreed with that assessment. Dr. Neufeld assured us that the types of visual difficulties Orren has often manifest witht he same behaviors you see in ADHD. We are really grateful to Dr. Neufeld and his team. 6 months of this program have ensured that Orren got the help he needs to achieve his potential and avoided beign misdiagnosed with ADHD.

Dustin 9 year old male

When Dustin started with the visual training he was having a very hard time with his reading and keeping his attention on what he was reading. Now he is able to keep his place when reading and his printing has also improved a lot since he has started. Dustin was having trouble riding his bike and playing catch but now is doing much better with both. His self esteem has grown along with this and is learning more self control, when things are hard for him and frustrating. Dustin has told us that when reading the words are no longer jumping around or becoming blurry.

Robyn 10 year old female

Robyn has made great progress this year which visual training has played an integral part. Her headaches have gone when she reads which has allowed her to read more, and accelerated her reading level. This has boosted her self confidence not only in school but most other aspects of her life. She also recognizes the effect VT has on her eyes and reading which helped in the persistance with VT exercises and other aspects of daily life.

Noah 9 year old male

When Noah started he hated reading and writing. He would become nasty when asked to do homework. He had no desire to read (comic books and short stories could not capture his attention). Since the training has started his confidence had steadily increase, as has his reading and interest in books. Now he reads constantly, will read out signs that he sees and has a positive attitude towards school. It's as if his whole opinion of himself has done a complete 180. Although we struggle to get him to do the actual vision therapy homework, he willing does his school homework. His teachers have observed a marked improvement and we are all very proud of his achievements.

William 7 year old male

There are very noticeable improvements in William's life. He now enjoys reading and is very confident with hiimself in school and many other aspects of his life. Sports and physical activities seem easier and less frustrating... we just received his final report card and huge improvements were made... where he was behind approximately 1 - 1.5 years he is now meeting expectations.

The medications that William was on, started to negatively affect his moods and behavior. One month after we began vision therapy, we decided to stop this medication and William's teacher noticed better behavior and continued advancements in curriculum.