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Better at Knowing Lefts and Rights

Victoria 8 year old female

Better at determining left and right than at the start of visual training. Improved discernment of letters. B's and D's still a problem but other reversals are less of an issue. Numbers are rarely reversed.

Becoming better at determining b's and d's.

Reading has become easier.

Taylor Levy 7 year old female

Taylor has no problems with knowing right from left. She can read maps "upside down and backwards" and still have her sense of direction.

Heidi 8 year old female

When she was tested at school (before vision therapy) it was noticed that she was unsure of left and right as well as upper right and upper left. So I was amazed to watch her do the computer saccades (directional arrows) game where she was calling out left or right while pressing the correct computer key with a response time of under a second.