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The 20/20 myth

Did you know that 20/20 does not necessarily mean that your vision is excellent. How can someone have 20/20 sight yet still have a vision problem?

20/20 gives a measurement of a person's ability to read a certain sized letter at a certain distance for the short period of time it takes to read that letter.

more about the 20/20 myth...


Less blurry vision

Taylor 7 year old female

Taylor rarely -- if ever -- complains of her eyes going blurry. Before eye therapy, she would try and read for a minute, or draw, and she'd have to stop. Now she reads and reads and reads. She loves it! Her reading comprehension in both Spanish and English has gone through the roof this eyar. She gets top marks in school now. Her teachres remarked on her eye improvement in her report card. Our eye doctor noticed a positive change even after only 12 weeks!

Ben 10 year old male

Ben can see farther without his glasses on. It makes him feel more confident in sports. Before it was ard to see small things far away but it is getting easier. Better vision has helped Ben notice the details of objects better. Overall Ben feels he can see farther than before which makes many daily acctivities easier (i.e. spotting a friend on teh park). Overall we believe his eyes are getting stronger. Thanks Nicole and Dr. Neufeld for all your hard work and help.