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No Longer Sees Double



Katie 9 year old female

I have improved on many things.  The one most noticeable is my reading.  I have no headaches and now my favourite thing to do is to read!  Now I can cross my eyes which I couldn’t do before vision therapy.  My eyes don’t hurt.  I never see more than one sentence and the words aren’t blurry either!  I am much more happier to just go pick up a book and read!  I’m so glad I took vision therapy!

Vivian 8 year old female

She's able to see a single image when looking at an object out to just past one foot from her face where before she only saw a double image or only used one eye to see.

Taylor 7 year old female

Taylor's eye goes inward rarely. Before eye therapy it went inwards everyday. Now she says it goes inward maybe once in a while. She has improved concentration when reading and learning piano. She enjoys reading much more... The biggest hurdle was overcoming the frustration of seeing double. She is much happier now that is rarely a problem.