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Notes from Teachers

Gabe's (9 year old male) grade 4 teacher

I have noticed quite a change in Gabe’s attitude and work habits.  In the beginning, Gabe could be quite argumentative and he didn’t’ appear to be as happy as he is now.  He had difficulty concentrating and he was very reluctant to “begin” an assignment.  I now see him “getting right to it” which is great.  Before he tried to “avoid” getting started. 

The biggest difference I’ve noticed is his love of reading now.  He is gobbling up books and that is his chosen “free time” activity. Gabe’s comprehension is very good and he has a wonderful fountain of knowledge about a variety of topics.  I feel Gabe is on his way to achieving great success.  He has realized the importance of listening to and following directions and he has improved his concentration in class.  Good job Gabe.

Zach 10 year old male

I have noticed a significant improvement in Zach’s printing since the beginning of the year.  He was printing larger than necessary with little consistency between consecutive letters.  His letter formation continues to be inconsistent but is improving.  He is able to print smaller and more legibly.