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Printing improved



Brooke 10 year old female

Brooke’s reading has improved a lot.  She reads for fun (wants to read).  There are less reading mistakes and she realizes when she has made a mistake.  Her math has also improved.  Her ringette improved.  She went from goalie to defence to forward.  Once she was a forward she is starting scoring goals.  Her printing and spelling has improved also.

Zach 10 year old male

I have noticed a significant improvement in Zach’s printing since the beginning of the year.  He was printing larger than necessary with little consistency between consecutive letters.  His letter formation continues to be inconsistent but is improving.  He is able to print smaller and more legibly.

Jonah 7 year old male

Jonah's ability to print neater has improved, when he wants to. He copies from the board better - less mistakes, less letter reversals, but he has to be seated in good position.

Dustin 9 year old male

When Dustin started with the visual training he was having a very hard time with his reading and keeping his attention on what he was reading. Now he is able to keep his place when reading and his printing has also improved a lot since he has started. Dustin was having trouble riding his bike and playing catch but now is doing much better with both. His self esteem has grown along with this and is learning more self control, when things are hard for him and frustrating. Dustin has told us that when reading the words are no longer jumping around or becoming blurry.

Nick 11 year old male

Nick has had a lot of improvements in different areas of his life. He has become more outgoing and a little more confident. He is right into playing sports and outdoor activities. When he first started soccer he didn't play well. His coordination and balance were off, and trying to keep track of the ball was really hard. By the end of soccer, he was doing great. He would go after the ball, did great in goal and was having a much better time playing. He has now started rugby and is really liking it. His vision seems to be getting better along with being able to control his eyes a lot better. His handwriting (printing) has improved a lot and he is trying to read more. His grades in school have also improved a little. (He still will need a tutor). He is getting a much improved and positive attitude, and his frustration has reduced as well. We cannot wait to see how much better it will get for him.