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Improved Reading Stamina

Heidi 8 year old female

Probably the one improvement we have noticed would be Heidi’s ability to read more fluently without so much fatigue and distractive behaviour during homework time.  We feel the visual therapy has really helped with Heidi’s reading stamina.

Justin 17 year old male

I can read a lot longer, focus better, count cows in the field better… these improved with vision therapy.  Tests are a lot easier to do and I can more easily read charts and do math.  I don’t lose my spot when reading as often.

(MOM):  Justin seems to be doing better on tests – able to read questions faster and able to answer in paragraph / pages instead of one liners.

Jacob 9 year old male

I can read longer and my eyes don't get as tired. It's easier to read now because the words aren't moving around. In hockey I see the puck better and that makes me a better goalie.