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Improvement in Spelling

Stacey 12 year old female

My 12 year old daughter had always found school challenging so we came in to have her eyes tested by Dr. Neufeld.  The result was 9 months of required eye therapy.  We were hesitant if the cost would yield any results but we felt we owed it to her to at least try.

Our daughter has had standard eye exams and had perfect vision but she occasionally complained of headaches and had a lot of difficulty understanding anything that she read.  Her comprehension increased a bit when she read out loud to herself.  But, it was still weak at best.  Math was extremely difficult and frustrating.  School work in general was a struggle.  She seemed to have a hard time focusing on school work for extended periods of time.

We’ve completed 7 months of eye therapy so far and the results have been absolutely amazing.  I say “we” because it has taken dedication on the part of the entire family to prioritize the eye therapy over school work or any extra-curricular activity.  The novelty of doing the exercises has worn out but the results continue to motivate us.  My daughter and her teachers noticed a definite change almost immediately once she started wearing the eye glasses to decrease strain on her eyes.  School work became a lot less tiring and the occasional headaches disappeared.  School work has become easy.  Her grades have increased a minimum of a full grade.  She rarely needs help with her homework and she comprehends what she reads.  She now enjoys reading for the first time in her life and no longer has difficulty understanding math.  Her spelling has also really improved.  She used to have at least half of her written words spelled incorrectly and now just the occasional word is misspelled.  She started grade 7 this year and misses both a Math and an English class in order to go to her eye therapy sessions.  She hasn’t needed any remedial classes to keep caught up.  She’s able to focus on tasks for extended time periods and can sit down and spend one or more hours straight working on homework without difficulty.

Evan 9 year old male

After 6 months of vision therapy. Evan's work at schools continues to improve with respects to his spelling and his ability to focus in class. Letter reversals in his printing are rare now; he still occasionally has some number reversals. He is more efficient at completing his homework as well.

Evan's piano teacher has reported that his ability to read the notes is getting better and better. Although this can still be difficult at times he does not rely solely on playing by ear as he did before.

We also continue to notice improvements in Evan's hand-eye coordination. His ability to handle and shoot the puck at hockey continues to improve. When he was playing catch with his Dad last week, Evan was able to catch the ball in his glove with ease and consistently. This is a great improvement over last year at this time. Evan demonstrates an increased interest in al sports and is now also playing basketball at school and football at recess with his friends.

We are so pleased with Evan's progress this far. It has been a lot of work and a big commitment but seeing the results keeps us going.

Great job Evan!!! And thank you, thank you, thank you to Dr. Neufeld!

(Additional success story):

Evan's spelling is continuing to improve! This was a major area of difficulty before VT.