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Kelwyn 5 year old male

When Kelwyn was 9 months old, we noticed his left eye would turn in occasionally.  We took him to an optometrist who said she didn’t think it was anything to worry about but would refer him to a pediatric ophthalmologist.  She said his vision was still normal.  By the time the ophthalmologist saw him 7 months later, his left eye was hardly doing any work and was badly turned in.  the Dr. gave him a prescription for glasses.  Within 8 months, he got 3 prescriptions each stronger than the last with the last one being bifocals.  Until the age of 5 KELWYN had 7-8 different prescriptions, very strong.  His eyes were just getting worse.  Then the ophthalmologist said he had done what he could and Kelwyn eyes were as good as they’d get.  I had read an old book (1920’s) on vision therapy and often wondered if such was done today.  Then I heard of a friend who was doing some kind of therapy for her son, who was having troubles in school.  Through her therapist we found Dr. Neufeld.  I talked to him for 20 minutes and knew this was what we’d been looking for.  A few weeks later, we had our first appointment.  Dr Neufeld spent about 2 hours with him/us, assessing KELWYN and explaining things to us.  He gave KELWYN some very basic exercises to improve his eyes and his basic motor skills.  Since then we go back (a 9 hour drive one way) every 6-8 weeks, but to us its worth it.  He has become a different boy.  He used to be laid back and always was a few steps behind.  He was kind of clumsy and we hardly trusted him to carry things because he would either drop it, trip or run into something.  People keep telling us even people who haven’t seen him for a year that his eye looks so god, you hardly notice anymore that it turns in.  we also thought last summer there wasn’t much hope that he’d learn to ride bike without training wheels.  This spring though, when his sister had hers taken off, he wanted his training wheels taken off too.  We were very doubtful that it would work, but decided he could give it a try.  Sure enough, in about 10 minutes, he had the hang of it and in a day or two, it worked like he had ridden bike all his life.  Another neat thing was when KELWYN ran backwards in a relay race with some men and others his age.  It was a distance of 100 feet.  He ran all the way there backwards and most of the way back.  He beat the others his age without falling down.  Before vision therapy, I don’t know if he would have even tried a relay race.  A cousin also said she had noticed his self-confidence improve and that he also played with the others instead of lagging behind or just playing by himself.  So we’re very happy with what Dr. Neufeld has done with vision therapy and our only regret is that we couldn’t have started at 9 months of age, instead of five years old.

Judie 13 year old female

My optometrist found out my daughter Judie had a lazy eye and referred her to Dr. Neufeld for eye therapy. Initially, I was not quite sure that it woudl work for her or not because she was 12 years old, not 5 or 8, like a little kid. Perhaps her eyes had fully developed. But we didn't want surgery so just decided to give it a try. During the ten month therapy, I saw her progress. She has gone through three instead of two evaluations. After each evaluation, I saw significant improvement. She gradually gained ability to get her left eye (the lazy eye) to work. Especially the last two months she made a huge progress.... Right now, her left eye is not lazy anymore and her two eyes are able to work together automatically. One day, she told me that she could see the clock on the oven five feet away, but she couldn't do it before the therapy.

This program is really amazing and helpful even for older kids. Thanks Dr. Neufeld. Thanks Calgary Vision Therapy again.

Gabe 4 year old male

He has more confidence in himself. I can tell that he is more engaged in day to day activities. His eye turn seems to be less noticeable and at times I have noticed it completely straight. He has struggled with looking at books and writing his name but now can look for a longer time without getting tired and is willing to practice writing his name.