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Improved Tracking: (doesn't skip lines)

Justin 17 year old male

I can read a lot longer, focus better, count cows in the field better… these improved with vision therapy.  Tests are a lot easier to do and I can more easily read charts and do math.  I don’t lose my spot when reading as often.

(MOM):  Justin seems to be doing better on tests – able to read questions faster and able to answer in paragraph / pages instead of one liners.

Wallace 10 year old male

Vivian 8 year old female

Vivian is able to catch a baseball when tossed to her. Her visual tracking has really improved.

Dustin 9 year old male

When Dustin started with the visual training he was having a very hard time with his reading and keeping his attention on what he was reading. Now he is able to keep his place when reading and his printing has also improved a lot since he has started. Dustin was having trouble riding his bike and playing catch but now is doing much better with both. His self esteem has grown along with this and is learning more self control, when things are hard for him and frustrating. Dustin has told us that when reading the words are no longer jumping around or becoming blurry.

Michael 11 year old male

I have received positive feedback from Michael's teacher that he is tracking much better and seems less frustrated when reading.

I feel Michael's reading has improved by better keeping eyes on the line. He seems less frustrated when reading if errors are made and more willing to make corrections.

Orren 7 year old male

Orren's work with vision therapy has had a noticeable impact in his reading. His ability to track the page and read the words has improved greatly along with copying things from the board at school. He seems less tired when reading and able to concentrate for longer. His confidence and self esteem have also been positively impacted.